A man and his dog in the quiet hutongs of Beijing, China

A man and his dog in the quiet hutongs of Beijing, China

Beijing is packed full of must-see attractions; Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City, The Lama Temple and The Great Wall, to name a few. However, taking a step back from the major attractions and wandering around the little back streets or hutongs, gives you a great insight into ‘real life’ in the capital.  Wandering around the old hutongs you’ll see the ordinary, daily life of some of Beijings enormous population; kids playing on the curbside, old men playing checkers and people cycling by on the little traffic free  streets. It’s almost like you leave Beijing for a moment. It was here, while lost in the hutongs we came across this man and his dog, standing in the entrance to his home, in the quiet hutongs of one of the world’s biggest and busiest cities.

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Brian Barry
Brian is a travel writer, photographer, blogger, travel addict and adventure junkie. Being outdoors, getting off the beaten track and outside his comfort zone is what makes him tick. Brian's the dreamer in the relationship; when he's not travelling, he's dreaming about it! Keeping fit, cooking, music and red wine take up the rest of his time.
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