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Living out of our backpacks for the last number of years, we’ve picked up a few travel tips and tricks. Some of these we learned the hard way and others we found from other travel websites. Nevertheless, we’ve kept note of travel tips and tricks we think are most valuable and have them here for you to take advantage of.

Just because we had to learn the hard way, doesn’t mean you have to. Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or you’re embarking on your first trip, these travel tips and tricks can make life easier for you once you get going.



Travel Tip #7: Dress Respectfully

Travel Tip #7: Dress Respectfully

Sorry girls, but unfortunately this is more of an issue for you than it is for the fellas. Look at what the locals are wearing and then look at the locals who fall into a similar category (age, marital status, etc) as you and go with that. For girls, a scarf/shawl is...

Travel Tip #6: How To Haggle

Travel Tip #6: How To Haggle

As a tourist, it’s often assumed that you don’t know the real price of anything and some people will try to attempt to take advantage of this. Follow these tips and learn how to haggle with confidence. 1. Price Around When you arrive in a place and you're strolling...

Travel Tip #4: Take Local Transport

Travel Tip #4: Take Local Transport

Taking local transport, whether it's buses, rickshaws, trains, tuk-tuks, or whatever, is always the better option when you're travelling. Okay, so it's not always the more comfortable option but those are the stories you take away with you. Nobody comes back from a...

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