Our Favourite Travel Blogs

There are so many great travel blogs out there, covering every aspect of travel imaginable. Here, we’ve shared some of our favourite travel blogs, arranged in alphabetical order to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

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Travel Blogs A…

  • A Backpackers Tale – Adventure, misadventure and travel with Stephen.
  • All Colores –  celebrating the everyday and extraordinaire joys through travel.
  • Am I Nearly There Yet – Stu and Eloise share their travel experiences through humour, epic photograph, videos and advice.

Travel Blogs B…

Travel Blogs C…

  • Calculated Travel – Time + Budget + Destination = Calculated Travel
  • Carpe Travel – Seizing life – kids, work, our love of travel and wine – and living to tell the tales.
  • Cheryl Howard – This blog is a place for the adventurous, free-spirited souls out there looking to experience it to the fullest.
  • Country Hopping Couple – Avid Travellers, Country Hoppers, Working Expats – Anu and Sri have been travelling the world slowly, yet steadily!
  • Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler – Alexandra lives to travel and travels to live.
  • Curious Nomad – Curious Nomad is travel blog for those who want to follow their dreams. It’s about personal development, adventure travel, and volunteering.
  • Clear Skies Camino – David shares his knowledge of the Camino De Santiago trail in Northern Spain in an aim to help you plan your pilgrimage.

Travel Blogs D…

Travel Blogs E…

  • Eating The Globe – A world-based food blog, capturing restaurants, street food, markets, and food stories.
  • Escaping Abroad – James has left the U.S. behind to travel the world and get into adventures abroad.
  • Everything Everywhere – Gary has been travelling and travel blogging for more than six years and counting!
  • Expert Vagabond – Matthew entertains with beautiful photos and stories from around the world.

Travel Blogs F…

  • Four Footprints – Ruth and Andy bring their travels to life in their wonderful travel, photography and ESL blog.

Travel Blogs G…

  • Graysa – Grasya aims to travel with a purpose and be a full-time fairy so everyone can live a beautiful life.
  • Global Girl Travels – ‘Travel like a lady and budget like a boss’ through Asia, Oceania and Micronesia.

Travel Blogs H-I…

  • Intrepid Wanderer – Galwin, a Filipino traveller based in Manila shares his travels.

Travel Blogs J…

  • Julie Dawn Fox – Julie Dawn Fox in Portugal – the delights of living and travelling in Portugal.

Travel Blogs K-L…

  • Le Monde – Dedicated to thoughts, anecdotes, tips, videos, news, reviews and personal experiences of an Indian woman backpacker.
  • Little By Little… One Travels Far – Tales of a directionally-challenged Kiwi girl getting lost around the world.
  • Locationless living – Making work a vacation.
  • Lolas Travels – Lola is a fun-loving traveller with a flair for finding adventure and spreads humor, charm and joie de vivre everywhere she goes.

Travel Blogs M…

Travel Blogs N…

  • Nomadic Matt – Everything you need to know about backpacking on a budget.
  • Nomadic Samuel – Samuel blogs about his life of travel, from teaching in Korea to riding the trains in India, this blog is interesting as well as entertaining.
  • Nomads On The Road – Mike is a writer and wannabe mountain man, if he could grow a big bushy beard he would, but he will settle for writing about all things adventure.

Travel Blogs O-P…

  • Pause The Moment – Ryan and Liz, an adventurous young couple who enjoy travelling the world, sharing stories from the road, and inspiring their readers to break out of their comfort zones.
  • Planet Lew – Love of travel, food and music.

Travel Blogs Q-R…

  • Romaholic – a Canadian girl who left home in 2010 to travel the world. Shaz is a designer, beach bum, snowboarder and coffee-lover.

Travel Blogs S…

  • Savoir There – When it comes to stylish travel, Jaillan knows just the place.
  • Short Travel Tips – Sharing travel tips: where to go, what to see, what to do, where to stay.
  • Smiling Faces Travel Blog – Samuel shares the smiling faces he meets on the road through his photo and video features.
  • Southwest Compass – Travelling over 24,200 miles of roads, exploring the American Southwest.
  • Sparrow In Space – A travel blog about Nick and Angela’s plans to take over the world.
  • Stefan Round The World – Canadian Stefan aims to inspire others to live a nomadic lifestyle.
  • She Roams Solo –  A social networking platform for women who travel featuring a forum for solo female travellers to connect.

Travel Blogs T…

  • That Backpacker – Audrey is ‘that backpacker’ living life through experiencing new cultures, new foods and big adventures.
  • The Barefoot Nomad – Travel, tech, family and fun with Micki and Charles.
  • The Constant Rambler – Kenin ended a 17 year retail management career to travel the world.
  • The Lazy Travelers – Two girls who have survived driving across Ireland without a valid license, sleeping on a sailboat in St. Thomas, food poisoning in Egypt, and many poorly packed last-minute getaways.
  • The Odyssey Expedition – Graham is on an epic adventure to all 202 countries in the world by surface travel only.
  • The Secret Traveller’s Blog – Some of the best-kept secret travel spots and many interesting travel articles from 1Cover’s Secret Traveller.
  • The Travelers Blog – Travel tips, travel essentials, travel news and more.
  • There And Back Again Travel – Extraordinary travel for ordinary people.
  • This Way To Paradise – Discover exotic islands, beaches, tropical locations, and other hidden vacation spots.
  • Travel and Beyond – Portraying a kaleidoscope of all things travel related mixed with just the right dosage of history and culture, Travel and Beyond is a travel blog written by travel writing couple Rosemarie John and Joseph Ellis.
  • Travel Scamming – When you travel you want to enjoy the ride, not get taken for one.
  • Traveling With A Camera – Traveling with a Camera, a website dedicated to travel photography and photo essays.
  • Travelling Cheaply – Spend less. See More! Budget travel advice to help you and your money travel go further.
  • Travel Toodle – Julia travels slowly with a lot on her back and she wants to inspire you to do the same.

Travel Blogs V…

  • Vagabond Way – a deliberate way of living, allowing the freedom to travel.

Travel Blogs W…

Travel Blogs X-Z….

  • Y Travel Blog – An excellent blog from an Australian family who’ve been here, there and everywhere.
\"No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.\"⁠ — Nelson Mandela⁠ ⁠ \"Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.\"⁠ — Martin Luther King Jr.⁠ ⁠ “Never look down on anybody unless you\'re helping him up.”⁠ — Jesse Jackson⁠ ⁠➳⁠ 📷 Views from the first floor of the Hagia Sophia Museum looking towards The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey 🇹🇷⁠ ➳⁠ We understand that being white and therefore, inherently privileged, we can never truly understand this struggle, however, we completely stand with the movement and the idea that all human beings everywhere in the world should be treated equally and have the same chances and opportunities in life.⁠ ⁠➳ Unfortunately, this isn\'t the case and the thought that someone can be treated differently simply because of the colour of their skin absolutely breaks our hearts.💔⁠ ⁠➳ In our privileged position, we need to learn about and educate ourselves about these issues in every way we can and do our best to change the views of those around us.⁠ ⁠➳ To quote another great changemaker, Mahatma Gandhi, you need to “be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ⁠ It starts with you, to move in the world with love and respect for all.⁠ ❤️✨✌ #BlackLivesMatter⁠
“Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing.” —Dr. Seuss » Brian standing in absolute awe at the El Castillo pyramid at Chichen Itza!🗿🇲🇽 » Built by the Mayans sometime between the 8th and 12th centuries, Chichen Itza is a huge complex of Mayan ruins located on the northern half of Mexico’s beautiful Yucatan Peninsula.🗿🇲🇽 The complex is an inscribed UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. » Built from limestone, El Castillo stands at a height of 30m including a 6m temple on top. Each of the pyramid\'s four sides has 91 steps up it, making 364 steps total, with the temple topping the pyramid considered an additional step totalling 365, each step representing a day in the calendar.📆 El Castillo is also known as the Temple of Kukulkan as it served as a temple to the Mayan feathered serpent god Kukulkan, or Quetzalcoatl.🐍 » We visited this time last year, however, the spring and autumn equinoxes are the best days to visit to see the “descent of Kukulkan\".🐍 » According to legend, twice a year when the day and night are in balance 🌗, the pyramid is visited by its namesake Kukulkan.🐍 Thanks to the crafty and mathematically brilliant architecture of the Mayans combined with the natural rotation of the Earth on the equinox, an amazing eerie image of a giant snake crawling down the temple is created. Kukulkan returns to earth to provide blessings for a full harvest and good health before bathing in the sacred waters below and continuing on his way to the underworld. » If you can\'t visit on either equinox, don\'t worry! The phenomenon is recreated nightly during the Light and Sounds Show at 7pm in winter and 8pm in summer. » We love doing things independently as much as we can when we travel. As Chichen Itza is located just a couple of hours drive away from Playa del Carmen (and Cancun) we rented a car and drove there ourselves so we didn\'t get to stay for the light show as we had to drive back.🚗 » What\'s your travel style? Are you a DIY person or do you prefer to go on an organised tour? Let us know in the comments below!💬👇 » #WanderingOn #LiveToTravel #Mexico #ChichenItza #SevenWondersOfTheWorld
“Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully.” — Kristen Butler » The sun sets over Edinburgh from Calton Hill, one of the seven hills of Edinburgh.🌆 » Set right in the city centre, Calton Hill is unmistakable with its unfinished Athenian acropolis poking above the skyline, giving Edinburgh it\'s nickname, the \"Athens of the North\". » It\'s a popular sunset spot as it\'s easily accessed - it only takes about five minutes to get to the top of the hill from two staircases on either side, or you can drive up and park - and it offers panoramic views down the length of Princes Street and of Edinburgh Castle.🏰 There are also great views of the coloured cliffs of the Salisbury Crags, Arthur\'s Seat, and the slopes of Holyrood Park.⛰️ » On the last night of April, up to 12,000 people take to Calton Hill for the Beltane Fire Festival, an ancient Celtic fertility festival. 🔥 Traditionally, Beltane was the start of the pastoral summer where animals were taken from their winter shelter to the fields and \"Beltane\" is the Gaelic word for May. » In Edinburgh\'s revivalist celebration of Beltane, three hundred or so voluntary performers from the Beltane Fire Festival Society celebrate the ending of the \'dreich\' (Scottish slang for dreary and bleak) Scottish winter and the hoped-for season of warmth and new growth with drumming, fire performance, revelry, and a ritualised procession around Calton Hill. 🔥 As well as the fiery displays, acrobatics, pulsating drums, and body-painted theatrics, the Beltane Fire Festival Society retell an immersive story for the crowd. » The revival of this festival started in 1988 as a free event but is now ticketed. There is also a Samhuinn (Samhain) Fire Festival on Halloween night which traditionally marked the beginning of winter in the Celtic calendar. 🎃 We hope to catch the Samhuinn Fire Festival festival later in the year! » Have been to any interesting cultural festivals? Let us know!💬👇 » #WanderingOn #LiveToTravel #EdinburghScotland #CaltonHill

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