Noelle haggling with a Tibetan lady in the market in Durbar Square, Patan, Nepal

How To Haggle: Noelle haggling with a Tibetan lady in the market in Durbar Square, Patan, Nepal

As a tourist, it’s often assumed that you don’t know the real price of anything and some people will try to attempt to take advantage of this. Follow these tips and learn how to haggle with confidence.

1. Price Around

When you arrive in a place and you’re strolling around getting a feel for the area, ask the price of things. You don’t need to haggle, just ask their starting price and keep walking. At least then you have a benchmark to work from when you are going to buy. If you meet other travellers ask them how much they paid for things too, the more information you have the better!

2. Start Low

Don’t be afraid to offer half or even a third of what they are asking. We know it might seem like a ridiculously low price but better to start low and work up. You can judge by their reaction whether you’re gone too low or not.

3. Be Willing To Walk Away

Usually, the vendor you’re dealing with is not the only person selling whatever it is you’re looking for. If they won’t come to a reasonable price just walk away and try somewhere else.

4. Keep Your Cool

Don’t get worked up if they won’t come down to a fair price. Keep smiling, have a bit of a laugh, drop in a sir or a madam and see where that takes you. Getting angry or worked up won’t help the situation in any way.

5. Be Willing To Agree On A Price

Don’t spend twenty minutes standing in a sweaty market debating over the price if you don’t even know if you’re going to buy. If you’re genuinely interested then get haggling, otherwise, you’re just wasting the vendors time and your own.

6. Enjoy it!

Learn to play the game. Haggling is a way of life in a lot of parts of the world. You’re not going to offend anybody by asking for a low price (don’t ask, don’t get!) and don’t be offended if they ask for a high price. It’s all part of the game and if you play it well you’ll earn yourself a few bargains on your travels and maybe a good haggling story too!

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