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Adventure travel is what it;s all about for us. Staying active is a big part of our lives and adventure travel affords us the possibility to keep busy while we’re on the road. Hiking, scuba diving, surfing, snowboarding and taking yoga classes are just some of the adventures we’ve had along the way.

Adventure travel isn’t just limited to adventure sports however. Getting off the beaten track, going places most others don’t, eating local, taking public transport can all lead to adventures of their own. Travelling on a budget, we seek these adventures out just as often as more ‘conventional’ adventures.

Tenerife for the Adventure Traveller

Tenerife for the Adventure Traveller

Tenerife is the largest and most populated of all the Canary Islands and has been a popular spot with holiday makers for years. Thinking about Tenerife, the stereotypical scene comes to mind for most; pint guzzling, sun worshipping holiday makers interested in lazing...
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We are Brian and Noelle, an adventurous Irish couple who live to travel. We left Ireland in 2009 to teach English in South Korea and have since become digital nomads. We hope to inspire you to get out there and travel. Read more....

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