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If you’re anything like us then travelling is always on your mind. When we’re not travelling (and sometimes when we are) we spend our days thinking of new travel destinations, imagining new trips and searching the internet for travel inspiration.

If you are in need of some real travel inspiration, take a look at our travel videos, travel photography and inspirational travel quotes.

Stop dreaming of travel, choose your destination, start planning and hit the road!

Travel Videos

VIDEO Making Kothu, A Sri Lankan Favourite Sri Lankan cuisine isn't as well known as some of it's Asian counterparts such as India, China, Thailand and Japan, however that's not to say it's not got some delights of it's own. One meal that grabbed our attention is...

VIDEO Kandy To Ella, The Most Beautiful Train Journey In The World

Taking the train from Kandy, Sri Lanka's cultural capital to Ella, high up in the Sri Lankan Hill Country, is supposed to be 'The Most Beautiful Train Journey In The World'. Leaving the station in Kandy it's not long before passengers are gathering at the windows and...

VIDEO Kandy Dance Performance, Kandy, Sri Lanka

Originally performed by Indian shamans who visited Sri Lanka as an exorcism ritual the Kandyan dance has now been adopted for stage. Performers wear a traditional headdress and elaborate costumes while dancing to the beat of drums. There are a number of different...

VIDEO Bumpy Bus From Jaffna to Mannar, Sri Lanka

Against the advice of locals, we opted to take the public bus from Jaffna to Mannar along the coast road. We were told it was going to be bumpy but we had no idea what we were getting ourselves in for and the only seats left were the ones right over the rear wheels,...

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Travel Photography

27 Photos of Morocco to Inspire Wanderlust

Spending one month backpacking the width and breadth of Morocco, we were captivated by the tastes, the sounds and above all else, the magnificent sights of the country. This incredibly diverse North-African nation is home to some stunning sections of coastline, the...

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Travel Photo: Tarsier Monkey, Bohol, The Philippines

Bohol is home to the Philippine Tarsier monkey, one of the smallest primates in the world. It's an odd looking little fella that fits in the palm of your hand, has oddly long fingers and the biggest eyes, in relation, to it's body size of any mammal on the planet. As...

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Inspirational Travel Quotes

Inspirational Travel Quotes #3

To quote the Wizard of Oz, "There's no place like home!" While this quote has been over used, one of the best inspirational travel quotes for when you feel a new appreciation for your home country or even when you're on the road and you're feeling homesick comes from...

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Inspirational Travel Quotes #2

This shot was captured in Bungus Bay, near Padang City in Sumatra, Indonesia. The fishermen looked so peaceful as they waited for the last catch of the day as the sun went down. During our time in Sumatra we were out of season and didn't see many other backpackers....

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Inspirational Travel Quotes #1

In Nepal it's easy to feel small, especially when trekking in the world's highest mountain range. Surrounded by the enormous Himalaya we felt so tiny and insignificant. We took this photo on day 9 of our 23 day trek in the Everest region. It made us think of one of...

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