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Hey! We’re Brian and Noelle, an adventurous Irish couple who love to get off the beaten track, have adventures, stay active and eat local. We want to share our adventures with you through our interesting stories, stunning photos and fun videos. We want to show you how to live a life of travel.

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Getting Off The Beaten Track In Catalonia

Sitting on a sun kissed beach on the Costa Brava, staring out across the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean, a cocktail in one hand and a good book in the other- life couldn’t be better- or could it? For many, this image of a coastal paradise is all that comes to... read more

Inspirational Travel Quotes #3

To quote the Wizard of Oz, “There’s no place like home!” While this quote has been over used, one of the best inspirational travel quotes for when you feel a new appreciation for your home country or even when you’re on the road and... read more

Why we found it hard to leave after 5 Days In Madrid

Madrid is often overlooked by those visiting Spain, who tend to favour Barcelona as the ‘must-see’ Spanish location. This is most definitely not the wisest option as Madrid has plenty to offer. The good news is it’s very well connected with the rest of Europe by... read more

Inspirational Travel Quotes #2

This shot was captured in Bungus Bay, near Padang City in Sumatra, Indonesia. The fishermen looked so peaceful as they waited for the last catch of the day as the sun went down. During our time in Sumatra we were out of season and didn’t see many other... read more

A Few Days In Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is one of those iconic cities, which is on a lot of people’s radars to visit; us included. Living in South Korea for more than three years, it was always such a short hop away and yet we had never found the time to visit. With our time in Korea coming to an end,... read more

Inspirational Travel Quotes #1

In Nepal it’s easy to feel small, especially when trekking in the world’s highest mountain range. Surrounded by the enormous Himalaya we felt so tiny and insignificant. We took this photo on day 9 of our 23 day trek in the Everest region. It made us think... read more

The Wandering On Travel Blog Year In Review: 2014

It’s that time of year again; Christmas is over, bellies are full, wallets are empty and everyone’s making plans for 2015. At this time of year, we like to look back at what has happened in 2014 and all we have accomplished. It’s been an amazing year of travel for us... read more

Kyoto in 48hrs: A Complete Guide

Kyoto was the capital of Japan for over a millennium, so it’s no wonder that its Japan’s second most-visited city after Tokyo. It’s a beautiful city, full of culture, a blend of traditional and modern and it’s surrounded on all but one side by mountains. While you... read more

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