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Kyoto in 48hrs: A Complete Guide

Kyoto was the capital of Japan for over a millennium, so it’s no wonder that its Japan’s second most-visited city after Tokyo. It’s a beautiful city, full of culture, a blend of traditional and modern and it’s surrounded on all but one side by mountains. While you... read more

Phu Quoc For Seafood, Sunshine and Scooter Exploration

Phu Quoc is an island off the southern coast of Vietnam. Access is by ferry from the mainland or you can get dirt-cheap flights from Ho Chi Minh; we went with the latter.  Arriving at the new international airport, there are taxis at the ready to take you where you... read more

Picturesque Hoi An; Vietnam’s Tourist Town

Hoi An is a beautiful, picturesque town about halfway up the coastline of Vietnam. There are a few beaches on the outskirts of town but the town itself is the real star of the show here. With minimal traffic in the town center, it’s easy to get around on foot and... read more

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh was our first stop in Vietnam and what a great place to begin our travels in the country. On the bus ride into the city center from the airport we kept ourselves entertained looking out the windows, taking it all in as we made our way towards the... read more

A Night On The Mekong; Homestay on An Binh Island

Our bus dropped us off on the side of the highway and with no clue which direction we were going we began a lengthy conversation of gestures with a taxi driver and three motorbike taxi drivers. The roads in Vietnam are notorious when it comes to motorbikes but we... read more

Exploring the Floating Markets on The Mekong Delta

Floating down the Mekong Delta, the sun dawning and traditional triangle hats on our heads; it was peaceful to say the least. There weren’t too many other boats around this early and it was quiet other than the chugging motor on the back of our boat. Rather than... read more

Crawling Through the Chu Chi Tunnels With a Vietnam Vet

Before visiting Ho Chi Minh, we had been reading up on what to do in the area and came across the Chu Chi Tunnels. A mind-boggling 200 kilometer network of underground tunnels, used by the Viet Cong in the Vietnam war. Visiting the tunnels couldn’t have been easier.... read more

Tenerife for the Adventure Traveller

Tenerife is the largest and most populated of all the Canary Islands and has been a popular spot with holiday makers for years. Thinking about Tenerife, the stereotypical scene comes to mind for most; pint guzzling, sun worshipping holiday makers interested in lazing... read more

Top 10 Things To Do In Beijing

Beijing is the 8th most populated city on the planet, it’s hectic, it’s busy but most importantly Beijing is packed full of things to do. You could spend weeks exploring the different attractions of the city, getting lost in the hutongs and sampling the local dishes.... read more

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