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Hey! We’re Brian and Noelle, an adventurous Irish couple who love to get off the beaten track, have adventures, stay active and eat local. We want to share our adventures with you through our interesting stories, stunning photos and fun videos. We want to show you how to live a life of travel.

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Capital of Cool: 5 Things to do in Wellington

For a capital city, Wellington doesn’t feel all that big. In fact, the central of the Kiwi capital is just two kilometres across, making it a breeze to get around on foot. Oozing with charm, the city is packed with bustling restaurants and quirky bars and it’s the... read more

How We Afford to Travel Full-Time

Before we get into this, let’s get one thing straight; travel doesn’t need to be expensive. You can spend as little or as much as you want on your trips depending on your priorities. The one question we are asked time and time again is “How do you afford it?” – people... read more

Our Tips for Staying Safe in the Fez Medina

A mule pushes its way through the narrow, dusty streets of the Fez medina to shouts of “Balak!” (look out!) from an old man with a stick. Stalls sell everything from carpets to camel meat and the vendors beckon you to come closer as you walk past. It seems the place... read more

5 Things to do in Bucharest in Winter

Visiting Bucharest in Winter, you will see the city in a whole new light. The snow adds a new dimension, lining the wide boulevards, capping the monuments in the city centre and dressing the neo-Romanian buildings in a new light. It’s definitely worth braving the cold... read more

The Wandering On Travel Blog Year in Review: 2015

It doesn’t feel like that long ago that we were sitting down to write about our travels in 2014. But here we are a year on, a year wiser (not really!) and with a whole load of incredible travel experiences under our belt. This year has taken us through 4 continents... read more

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