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Are you looking for travel resources to help with your travel planning? With years of independent travel under our belt, we’ve picked up a few tricks and tips along the way to share with you.


As well as travel resources such as tips on budgeting, travelling safely and travel planning, we have more to share. We provide information about the travel gear we use and on other travel equipment you might find useful.



Travel Tips and Tricks

Our Tips for Staying Safe in the Fez Medina

A mule pushes its way through the narrow, dusty streets of the Fez medina to shouts of “Balak!” (look out!) from an old man with a stick. Stalls sell everything from carpets to camel meat and the vendors beckon you to come closer as you walk past. It seems the place...

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An Eye-Opener to the Pros of Group Travel

Travelling as a couple is amazing! You always have a friend to share your experiences with, someone to take your photo or watch your bag when you nip to the loo and a dining partner for every meal. I’m fighting the urge to break into a Michael Jackson singsong here…...

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Our Tips for Avoiding Jetlag

When you’re travelling on long flights and flying through multiple time zones, jetlag can wreak havoc on your body. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination, groggy, tired and cranky. It’s no wonder airport taxi drivers add on a little extra to airport...

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Our Free Travel Guides

24 of the Best Free Things to Do in Dublin

Of the many things to do in Ireland, Dublin has long been a favourite on European itineraries and with good reason. From expansive green areas to busy shopping streets, historical sites, to buzzing bars, there are so many things to do in Dublin that just knowing where...

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33 Things To Do In Cork City: A Local’s Guide

It's often said that we tend to overlook our homes when it comes to travel, sightseeing and exploration. Instead, we favour far away lands, exotic destinations and let's face it, destinations with more inviting weather. With a few months at home getting over a back...

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Useful Travel Websites

We find ourselves using the same travel websites all the time. There are some very useful travel websites (and great blogs) out there for booking accommodation, organising your transport, learning about vaccinations and checking the weather.


We share a few of our favourite go-to websites when we’re planning our next trip. If there’s a website missing please let us know.



Travel Gear and Equipment


Preparing for the Everest Base Camp Trek

This epic trek is a bucket list item for so many people, especially those already into hiking and trekking. If you're considering doing it, here are our tips to help you prepare for the Everest base camp trek. Do your research about the trek Preparing for the Everest...

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Our Favourite Travel Blogs


There are loads of amazing, inspiring, helpful travel blogs out there. We’ve drawn up a list of our favourite travel blog sites. The list is in alphabetical order and there’s a short description of each blog to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.



Working Overseas to Fund Your Travels

Working overseas is a great way to fund your travels. Whether you are on an extended trip and are in need of some cash or you want to travel on a long-term basis; working overseas could be the answer. There are all kinds of jobs that you can find abroad, such as hotel & catering jobs, house sitting, scuba diving instructor or ESL teacher.


Get more information on working overseas.


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